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Value-Added Services :

DGS Translogistics Value-added Services help reduce labor and inventory costs

Customer Packaging

  • Minimizing handling delays
  • Create special configurations such as shrink wrapping, bundling, inserting coupons, or making value-packs.
  • Getting product displays in-store quickly, with minimal handling
  • Create eye-catching promotional and point-of-purchase displays that simplify receiving and setup.


  • Reducing inventory of pre-built completed products and simplifying parts handling
  • Configure individual high-activity parts into consolidated user packages
  • The light assembly of component parts into units ahead of the issue to production or shipment


  • Reducing costs and delay activities until orders are received
  • Create and apply customized labels, such as barcodes and pricing information
  • Sequencing
  • Diminishing expensive assembly line downtime, re-planning costs and customer dissatisfaction
  • Our processes ensure the right parts arrive in the right order at the right time
  • Light assembly / sub-assembly
  • Freeing up factory space and valuable production workers’ time
  • Reduce the number of assembly steps at the factory – postponement distribution
  • Pre-assemble parts and components to reduce the number of assembly steps required at the factory
  • Test, repair, refurbishment and disposition
  • Valuable test and repair services
  • Programs tailored to each client’s unique requirements

Product customization

  • Customization based on language or configuration needs, such as software version updates like reflashing

Returns processing

  • Reducing the hassle of handling returns
  • Efficient processes for receiving, inspection and re-shipment or disposal of returns, that are cost-effective and customer friendly
  • Salvage/disposal reporting

Reducing waste

  • Check returned or rejected products to determine which can be recovered Scan and pack
  • Tightening Purchase Order (PO) management and reducing labor costs at destination warehouses
  • Scan and pack offerings that electronically alert end customers before dispatch and auto-generation of packing lists and electronic data at the source

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