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Commitment is a far-fetched word, and more often than not, is not in agreement with its meaning – as laid down in the dictionary.

At DGS , we are committed to every letter of the word – both in meaning and spirit; right from our birth.

  • To our customers
  • To our trade partners
  • To our principals
  • To our employees
  • To the society

Our Customers:

A customer for us, is a patron, and to serve him to his satisfaction is the basic ingredient. For we believe, firmly at that, it is He who is obliging us and not the contrary.

Our Trade Partners:

We recognize that stockists are an important link with the customers, and for that, a long-term association is necessary, as an attractive returns to them. We, therefore, invest our time in their interest, and in their overall growth, as also of the products of our principals.

Our Principals:

Fair business practices and recognizing mutual interests have been paramount in our relationship with our principals – some of them decades old.

Our Employees:

An employee with us is like an extended member of our family. Attractive returns and retaining persons with capabilities, as also encouraging them to grow, has been an ongoing activity with us. Amongst the first in the country – in our line of business – to adopt HR practices, encourage creativity, innovation and participation. DGS today, is indeed proud to have employees who can be compared with the best in a large corporate house.


Societal care has been an ongoing affair at DGS. For we firmly feel and believe, that if the growth has to come naturally, and from within, efforts for the betterment of society are a must, particularly in the areas of health, nutrition and education.




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